Children’s Ministry

Our children are taught the Word of God in practical ways so that they can grow in Godly character and know their heavenly Father. They are taught through vibrant illustrations, creative puppetry, and engaging games & activities. Church should be lively and fun! This is not a babysitting session! Boring is NOT allowed!  Church is a positive support system for families. Children need to know they are valuable, loved, nurtured, and taught the Goodness of God. Our Children are valuable to us and they learn Bible truths on their levels that will help them throughout their lives.

Wee Harvest 

(Ages 0 – 5)

*Currently all children are in our Main Service.

*Please fill out information sheet so that we may care for your little one better.

*Items to bring: Snack, Bottle, Drink, and Diaper Bag.

*We suggest you bring snack for your little one just in case of food allergies.

The little ones have times of fun with their friends, praise and worship, and biblical lessons from faith based curriculum.  We understand the repetitive learning style of young children and the normal short attention spans.  Our loving helps ministry team shows them they are special in God’s heart and ours.


(Ages 6 – 10)

*Currently all children are in our Main Service.

The kids are checked in before service, and have worship together. Then learn Faith Filled Biblical Lessons that will help develop them into Victorious Kids. We understand the many challenges children experience in life as they get older. We want them to know that God is a Big God and They Can Do Big Things For Him, too.